Monday, January 26, 2009

Facebook - wow!

So I didn't get any metalsmithing done last week
I was busy with contracts and taxes all week.... Hopefully, I will get a chance to work on my pieces this week.
So anyway... I discovered Facebook. Interesting... So many people from my high school are on Facebook. It is so nice to reconnect with them. Many of them have moved out of state. One day, my hubby and I are hoping to relocate further south - maybe North Carolina.
I did get a chance to get caught up on movies this weekend. I love horror/scifi movies. My hubby and I joke that they are my 'tear jerkers'. I saw Saw V. Very cool! I occasionally have to watch a funny movie of coarse and watched Tropic Thunder - so funny!@ I laughed so hard that I was crying. (I don't think my hubby thought that it was that funny though. He only laughs out load if it is really funny on his 'laugh meter', and he didn't laugh out load.) I saw a couple 'You framed me' movies as well - Death Race and Eagle Eye. That pretty much got me caught up on the movies that I have been wanting to see.
Well - that's all for now in the life of Sam....

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