Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Weekend!

This past weekend flew by!

I did get some time to do some work on my new round of bezel set cabochons. I hope to finish these up this week depending on all the other chaos.
I have been working on a side project (a surprise) for my niece's birthday. She is into Betty Boop and as child I just happened to have a really cool Betty Boop watch. My mom still had the watch, but it was in dire need of some restoration. After obtaining my niece's wrist measurement, I went to work on restoring the watch back to its glory days! Here are some pics of the watch after I did the restoration:

Yesterday was the family birthday party for her, and she received the watch (as well as some other Aunt Sam picked presents). I hope she treasures the watch as much as I did as a child.

On other news, I was doing some house cleaning yesterday afternoon after returning from all the party fun, and I spotted a funny pose that one of my littles as striking.

I really cannot imagine that this is a comfortable way to sleep, but he was very happy.

That's about it for now in the life of Sam.....


  1. great watch and what a wonderful sentimental gift..hopefully she will love it and continue to pass it down!! what a great thought.. kitties sleep in mysterious ways don't does my boston .. on his back with all fours upright looking quite dead..

  2. Thanks! I hope my niece loves the watch. I remember when I received the watch when I was little from my grandma. I loooved it! I thought it was sooo cool.
    My littles love this time of year. They are torn between sniffing fresh air at the open windows and sunbathing. It was a little cool for open windows on Sunday, but my little guy was definitely soaking up the sun:-)


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