Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Work from a busy Metalsmithing Bee!

I have been a busy little metalsmithing bee!
I treated myself to a Tomboy spinner ring created by the lovely Carolyn of Autumn Leaves Jewelry. I love, love, love my spinner ring! I had been oogling it for much time and a couple weekends back, Carolyn ran a Weekend Deal on this lovely, and I partook. You can find this lovely ring at

Now on to Sam's creations...
My lovely beads have been crying out to me the last couple weeks, so I decided to incorporate some beads with my new cabochon pendants. I think they add a little pizazz.

Turquoise Pendant Necklace

Green Tourmaline Pendant with Citrine Bead Accents

Faceted Ruby Pendant Necklace

Pebble Ring

Ruby Pendant Necklace

Lampwork Bead Pendant Necklace
Lampwork Bead from Two Sisters Designs of Carmel, CA.

Lampwork Bead Pendant Necklace
Lampwork Bead from Two Sisters Designs of Carmel, CA.

Labradorite Pendant with two Garnet Bead Accents
I decided to make a bracelet with this pendant.

Green Amethyst Pendant with Cherry Quartz Accents

Chalcedony Pendant with New Jade Bead Accents

Aventurine Pendant with Aventurine Bead Accents
I started listing these beauties yesterday in my esty shop, and I will try to continue to list the rest of them this week (unless a company day job crisis consumes my time!).
As always, here are my helpers...


  1. ohhh I really like the beads incorporated into you work, adds a bit of pop!!

  2. Thanks! I think they were successful in adding that pizazz!

  3. Your work is spectacular!!! I looorve those pendants! ALl your cab/bezel pieces are soooo nice! Adding beads really helps methinks too!

  4. Well thank you Carolyn! Super kudos for my lovely spinner ring! I love it! My beads are so happy that I starting using them with my cab pendants:-)


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