Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Cool!

So my hubby's birthday is next week, and he needs to renew his driver's license. My b-day is next month, and I too must renew my driver's license; thus, we decided to make it a date - at the BMV.

It seems like it was eons ago that we made the dreaded trip to the BMV to renew driver's licenses. SO, in preparations for this trip, I visited the Indiana BMV's website to see what we needed for our license renewal; as well as, BMV locations and hours. To my surprise, some branch locations take appointments via an online application! So... my hubby and I have an appointment at the BMV!

On metal news, I have four pendants that I am currently working on. I am hoping to finish them up this week and post pics (as well as list them in my shop next week).

That's about it in the life of Sam!

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