Sunday, May 17, 2009

Along came a spider...

I am absolutely terrified of spiders - all forms and all sizes! My soldering station is located out in our garage which is known to be occupied by a few spiders. If they stay away from me, they are safe. If they show themselves in my workspace, all is fair in love and war.

Last night while going about my soldering (tra la la), a spider came creeping down from the ceiling and went running across my arm and on to my workbench! Eek!
Its web was stuck to my arm so when I jerked back, it came flying towards me! Double eek!
After a quick squirrelly dance, it went flying to the floor and was quickly smushed!
That was not enough for me after this grave personal violation - super eeby jeeby. I quickly grabbed my Blazer butane micro-torch and torched this offender.

Finally...a sign of relief! I am much better now that this offender has been dealt with.... Let this be a warning to all the other spiders in our garage - stay away....

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