Monday, June 8, 2009

I hate cancer....

It has been a long couple weeks in the Cooper house.

One of my littles was diagnosed last September with basal cell carcinoma of the eye. After many trips to Purdue's veterinary school and many long talks, we decided that the best course of action if the cancer had not gone systemic was to remove his eye and surrounding tissue. We were lucky that the cancer had not gone systemic and even luckier after surgery the report came back that it appeared they had removed all the malignant tissue.

He has been cancer free ever since.

Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago while lounging with him and giving him chin loving, I noticed a small 'wubby'. He already had a scheduled appointment for his tail check up, so I figured that I would have the vet check out the 'wubby'. I was slightly concerned at finding the 'wubby' as it was on the same side that cancer had previously reared its ugly head.

The vet took an aspirate and sent it off to the lab for review. Last week was stressful. The days continued to pass and no news from the vet. Finally, on Thursday morning the vet called. The 'wubby' was basal cell carcinoma....

I cried most of the day. I thought we had beaten this ugly beast. After much discussion, we decided to do the round of vet tests to see if the cancer has gone systemic or not. If the cancer appears to not have gone systemic, the vet advise surgical removal of the 'wubby'. We had decide back in September after much research that we would not put our little through chemo if the cancer had gone systemic. We would try to keep him comfortable and as pain free as long as possible. The same decision was made this time as well.

Our big guy was sooo excited to go to the vet once again on Thursday evening for his round of tests. When the results were in, the vet sat down with me and told me some good news this time. The cancer appeared to be isolated to the 'wubby'.

We are scheduled to go in for surgery early Thursday morning this week. He has been getting ample love'in. It will definitely be difficult to concentrate Thursday after I drop him off for surgery. I hope that it will be a quick in - remove the 'wubby' - quick out - cancer gone again.

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