Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Eye Candy

I have been busy working on a special custom piece lately, and she is finally done and ready for reveal:

I normally do most of my work in sterling silver as it is more pleasing to the wallet; however, this special project required 14K all around due to a sterling allergy.  I was very please with how it turned out.  Simple, yet elegant.

Now on for some eye candy....

Aren't these gorgeous! I really do not need to add to my cabochon stock pile, but I could not resist.
1. A matched pair spiderweb turquoise cabochons from Carlen, Nevada
2. A hemimorphite cabochon from a mine near Hayden, Arizona
3. A turquoise cabochon from Kingman, Arizona
4. A tiffany stone cabochon from Utah

That's all for now from my neck of the woods....

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A fond farewell to Red, a graceful hello to Lynne

After many weeks of car shopping, a decision was made.

I have had a love, hate relationship with our Lincoln LS, Red. She was a sharp looking red metallic car with black leather interior and was fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. Anyone would fall in love with her just looking at her. She was very seductive. She unfortunately was very high maintenance. She required premium fuel. Her rims dented like tin cans and of course were costly to replace. Her tires would not hold air in winter? With age, her battery would not stay charged. The final blow, she would not allow the key to turn to start her – diagnosis, ignition cylinder needed to be replaced -$350.00.

After Red was repaired, we visited a car dealer intending to test drive a Mercury Milan and Mercury Mariner – preferably hybrid. Upon arriving, the Mariner just did not hit the spot. The Milan was worth a test drive; yet, after the test drive, it did not hit the spot either.

What kept catching my eye was the Lincoln MKX. Now, after all the problems that we had with Red, I had told my husband that he would have to break both my arms and drag me to hell and back before we would own another Lincoln. Yet, this Lincoln MKX was singing its sweet siren song to me. My dear hubby wanted me to try the Lincoln MKS and MKZ; however, they did not appeal to me at all. It took a whole 10 seconds in both of them to say, NO. Yet, there it was - the song calling me over to the MKX.

After a little coaxing, I was talked into a test drive. That sweet siren song became loader. Then, the dealer after a little coaxing on our end gave us pretty much what we wanted on trade for Red. With a good deal on the MKX and pretty good financing locked in, we bought another Lincoln.

No arms broken. No trips to hell and back. All that I asked of the Lincoln MKX as we drove out of the lot is that she treat us well, and we would treat her well. I named her Lynne.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mishap at the grocery store

Sunday morning is our traditional time to go grocery shopping.  All was same ol, same ol until I decided I wanted to try a new shower gel.
As many women do, I wanted to smell the shower gel before deciding on what one I would choose.  Unfortunately I am currently suffering from a cold, so my sniffer has been on the fritz.  A  brief whiff with the cap off was not doing it for me, so I lightly squeeze the bottle in hand.
That is when the mishap occurred.  I got a nostril full of shower gel!  The clean fresh scent of waterlilly and mint front and center!  Thankfully, I had tissues to blow my nose clear.
I am sure that the if the folks watching the security cameras caught my mishap, they were probably laughing their a** off.
My hubby said that I smelled shower fresh the entire shopping trip.  Needless to say, I did not go with that particular shower gel.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What do you think it means...

When my cat comes up and starts licking my arm?

Could it mean that he thinks my arm is dirty?  Dirty Sam! You need a bath!

Or maybe I am just very tasty? Yummy Sam! Wait til you go to sleep... You won't miss a finger or two...

Or maybe he considers me just one of the cats? Sammy Cat!  Let's hang girl!

Or maybe he just wants my attention for more treats? Snack Wench Sam get me more treats!

Or maybe he is givin' me lovin'? Hey baby (with Barry Manilow singing in the background)....

Sometimes I wish he could just tell me - oh wait, he might not ever stop talking!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Remodeling

I decided that it was time to give my banner and avatar in Etsy a make over.  

With this decision, I played around in photoshop last week with a couple options.  None of them really hit the spot. 
I ventured in Etsy's graphic design section and after browsing several talented artist's work, I found one that hit that spot.

The talented artist is  I found this one in the crazy clearance bin, so I needed to come up with an avatar to match.  I had this little bird in my image collection that with a little color tweaking to match the banner, I believe hit the spot:
What do you think?

Monday, September 7, 2009

This Yard Is Clean

Remember the line from the movie, Poltergeist, 'This house is clean'. I literally had to exorcise the demon weeds from my flower beds. My perennials had become very overgrown. Our baby trees had become octopuses. Our shrubs had become porcupines. I think you get the picture

I had strikingly neglected our landscaping this summer for metalsmithing.

Today, it was time to clean. After four hours of hard work, a sunburn and sore muscles, our yard is now clean.

On the metalsmithing front, I tried a new design last night that did not turn out unfortunately. I definitely think it is a design worth trying again. After I recover from my sore muscles and sunburn, I plan to take swing at it.

Off to relax with my littles….

Thursday, September 3, 2009

*Labor Day Weekend Sale*

I decided to take a swing at a sale once again this weekend.  It coincides with Etsy's Extra Hot Labor Day sales (

Here is the skinny on my sale:
Labor Day Weekend Sale 9/3 thru 9/7

20% Off Entire Order (before shipping)

Simply enter the code ‘Weekend Deals’ in the Message to Seller field during checkout to take advantage of the sale. Your discount will be refunded through PayPal.

*Sale excludes items in the ‘On Sale’ category*

So if you know someone with an upcoming birthday or just want to splurge on yourself, go take a look.  Heck, you can even start your x-mas shopping early this year!

Go and have some fun on Etsy this weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Introducing Ms. Audra and Ms. Janelle

Hello, our names are Ms. Audra and Ms. Janelle. Samantha just listed us in both her Etsy and 1000 Markets shoppes.  We would love to meet someone who will love us for who we are. Just push that 'Add to cart' button and we can meet.
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