Monday, September 7, 2009

This Yard Is Clean

Remember the line from the movie, Poltergeist, 'This house is clean'. I literally had to exorcise the demon weeds from my flower beds. My perennials had become very overgrown. Our baby trees had become octopuses. Our shrubs had become porcupines. I think you get the picture

I had strikingly neglected our landscaping this summer for metalsmithing.

Today, it was time to clean. After four hours of hard work, a sunburn and sore muscles, our yard is now clean.

On the metalsmithing front, I tried a new design last night that did not turn out unfortunately. I definitely think it is a design worth trying again. After I recover from my sore muscles and sunburn, I plan to take swing at it.

Off to relax with my littles….

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