Saturday, October 31, 2009

Had a Knotty Time...

Your first thought might be that I did not use the correct word, but you are incorrect. I did get your attention though - didn't I!

Last night I decided to retake pictures of my rings that I have in my shop inventory. Once I got that completed, I thought that I might retake pictures of some necklaces that I am not 100% pleased with. It was a good thought; however, while trying to retrieve some of the necklaces from my jewelry chest, I realized that several of them had become entangled with each other. Usually, I just pull them out and 10 minutes later untangled. No such luck with the mess that I pulled out this time. This time it was 12 necklaces with super delicate chain tangled in one giant mess.

I realized that I needed to untangle this knotty mess. If I did not do it now, it would eventually need to be done. It seemed like every time it started to look like I was making progress, I was also taking 3 steps back. After working on this mess for 2.5 hours (and realizing that I really had not made any progress), I decided to take the necklaces apart to see if that would help. HA! It did. Unfortunately, once I got the mess untangled, I needed to put all the necklaces back together with all the right pieces. It was like a puzzle game at this point. After another hour of work, the 12 necklaces were back together and untangled.

Not exactly what I had planned for my Friday evening...
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Pieces for my Shoppes!

I finished up a handful of pieces this weekend and played photographer last night.  Here are the new goodies:

Lampwork Bead and Sterling Silver Necklace

Lampwork Bead and Sterling Silver Necklace

Labradorite and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Vintaj Brass Bead Bracelet

Recycled Glass and Vintaj Brass Bracelet

14K and Opal Ring
(This goodie will not be making an appearance in the shoppes - she is already spoken for - but I wanted to show her off - I think she turned out quite well.)

On the homefront, I have been playing vet the past two week.  Our oldest cat has arthritis in one of his front legs and when the temp drops he licks and licks and licks at the joint until he is bald and create little sores.  So, vet Sam gets to put antibiotic cream on his little joint to keep the sores from becoming infected.  Good news for vet Sam is that the temp has gone up and he has started to leave the joint alone and let the hair start to grow back. 
Unfortunately, this past weekend, my big guy (cancer kitty) received another tail wound from the youngest.  The youngest likes to bite at the others butts when they are not looking. Only my big guy gets bad wounds it seems.  I still have oral antibiotics and cream from the past visit for his tail wound, so we have started the tail wound regiment again.  He hates it.  I of course have to wrap him in a towel to avoid walking away with my own wounds.  Hopefully a week of this regiment will heal this new wound - otherwise, we must visit the vet....

That's all for now.  Hopefully I will get the new pieces up in my shoppes this week... Till later!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom Cooper!

Tomorrow is my mum-in-law's birthday.  I created a fantastic piece of jewelry for her b-day and sent it and a very funny card out earlier this week.
My in-laws relocated to Tennessee a couple years ago, so we do not get around to seeing them as often as we (or they) would like. 
So, to everyone's delight, we are going to travel down to Tennessee the first week of November. 
My mum-in-law says that the fall weather where they are is beautiful.  That sounds perfect to me seeing that the last couple weeks of Indiana fall weather has been dark, wet and cold.

So without further ado, Happy Birthday Mom Cooper! Hope it is a special one!
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Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Have you ever watched a dog or cat try to catch their tail?  They run in circles trying to catch it.  It must be awfully frustrating.

I felt like that last week. No matter what I did I felt like I was going in circles without result.
The weather last week even exuded how I was feeling - dark and rainy.

Today, I woke up rested. The sun was shining.  When I took some mail to the box - it literally smelled like strawberry jam in the air.  It was quite pleasant.  Some of the things that were so frustrating last week were resolving themselves this morning. 

So, as Mr. Rodgers sang, 'It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...'

Have a pleasant week everyone!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Au Revoir Ms. Audi, you will be missed!

Three years ago my dear hubby had the chance to lease a breathtaking car, an Audi S4. I called her, Ms. Audi. She drove like a race car, yet she had a very professional ambience.

Her seats fit like a glove when you slid into them. (In fact, my dear hubby got me a chair for my metalsmithing desk that is like the Audi seats, because I loved the Audi seats so much. I call it my ‘Audi butt’!)

The sound system was a Bose. Need I say anything more…

Her trunk fit as much as an SUV in storage, yet you would never tell based on the size of the car.

She was a good car. (She was a fast car...)

Today, was lease turn in day…. I am sure that if I looked closely, I could have seen a few tears welling up in my dear hubby’s eyes as he had to turn the keys over for Ms. Audi.

Au Revoir Ms. Audi, you will be missed! I am sure you will make your next owner as happy as you made us!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

New Goodies!

I have been busy widdling new goodies for my shoppes and they are ready to be unveiled....

Turqoise and Sterling Silver Earrings

Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Earrings

Variscite and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Larimar and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Opal and Sterling Silver Necklace
(For you lovely October B-dayers!)

Garnet and Sterling Silver Necklace

Colbaten Dolomide and Sterling Silver Necklace

Hopefully these pretties will find there way into my shoppes starting this coming week - pending that ugly day job does not get in the way.

Til later!
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