Thursday, October 8, 2009

Au Revoir Ms. Audi, you will be missed!

Three years ago my dear hubby had the chance to lease a breathtaking car, an Audi S4. I called her, Ms. Audi. She drove like a race car, yet she had a very professional ambience.

Her seats fit like a glove when you slid into them. (In fact, my dear hubby got me a chair for my metalsmithing desk that is like the Audi seats, because I loved the Audi seats so much. I call it my ‘Audi butt’!)

The sound system was a Bose. Need I say anything more…

Her trunk fit as much as an SUV in storage, yet you would never tell based on the size of the car.

She was a good car. (She was a fast car...)

Today, was lease turn in day…. I am sure that if I looked closely, I could have seen a few tears welling up in my dear hubby’s eyes as he had to turn the keys over for Ms. Audi.

Au Revoir Ms. Audi, you will be missed! I am sure you will make your next owner as happy as you made us!

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