Saturday, October 31, 2009

Had a Knotty Time...

Your first thought might be that I did not use the correct word, but you are incorrect. I did get your attention though - didn't I!

Last night I decided to retake pictures of my rings that I have in my shop inventory. Once I got that completed, I thought that I might retake pictures of some necklaces that I am not 100% pleased with. It was a good thought; however, while trying to retrieve some of the necklaces from my jewelry chest, I realized that several of them had become entangled with each other. Usually, I just pull them out and 10 minutes later untangled. No such luck with the mess that I pulled out this time. This time it was 12 necklaces with super delicate chain tangled in one giant mess.

I realized that I needed to untangle this knotty mess. If I did not do it now, it would eventually need to be done. It seemed like every time it started to look like I was making progress, I was also taking 3 steps back. After working on this mess for 2.5 hours (and realizing that I really had not made any progress), I decided to take the necklaces apart to see if that would help. HA! It did. Unfortunately, once I got the mess untangled, I needed to put all the necklaces back together with all the right pieces. It was like a puzzle game at this point. After another hour of work, the 12 necklaces were back together and untangled.

Not exactly what I had planned for my Friday evening...
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