Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Pieces for my Shoppes!

I finished up a handful of pieces this weekend and played photographer last night.  Here are the new goodies:

Lampwork Bead and Sterling Silver Necklace

Lampwork Bead and Sterling Silver Necklace

Labradorite and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Vintaj Brass Bead Bracelet

Recycled Glass and Vintaj Brass Bracelet

14K and Opal Ring
(This goodie will not be making an appearance in the shoppes - she is already spoken for - but I wanted to show her off - I think she turned out quite well.)

On the homefront, I have been playing vet the past two week.  Our oldest cat has arthritis in one of his front legs and when the temp drops he licks and licks and licks at the joint until he is bald and create little sores.  So, vet Sam gets to put antibiotic cream on his little joint to keep the sores from becoming infected.  Good news for vet Sam is that the temp has gone up and he has started to leave the joint alone and let the hair start to grow back. 
Unfortunately, this past weekend, my big guy (cancer kitty) received another tail wound from the youngest.  The youngest likes to bite at the others butts when they are not looking. Only my big guy gets bad wounds it seems.  I still have oral antibiotics and cream from the past visit for his tail wound, so we have started the tail wound regiment again.  He hates it.  I of course have to wrap him in a towel to avoid walking away with my own wounds.  Hopefully a week of this regiment will heal this new wound - otherwise, we must visit the vet....

That's all for now.  Hopefully I will get the new pieces up in my shoppes this week... Till later!
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