Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mini Vacation in Tennessee

I have returned from a mini vacation in Tennessee.  It was a working vacation during the day, but the nights and weekend, we roamed free in Tennessee. 

We took our littles with us and stayed at my hubby's parent's house outside of Gatlinburg and Pigon Forge.  Eventhough, we were working during the week, it was still nice to get away. 

Tennessee was gorgeous.  The weather was perfect - a nice comfortable temperature and the sun was shining.  The views - breathtaking.

While in Gatlinburg, I found some funny shops and signs that I thought I would share on the blog.  So without further ado, here they are:

This store was dedicated entirely to Jerky.  Beef, Pork, Alligator, Ostrick, Pineapple...  I couldn't stop laughing at what the shop owner said to a potential customer about trying some samples - "I'm not a crack dealer.  I'm not going to push it on you."  Too funny!

In case anyone was wondering where God's corner was located: Gatlinburg, TN.

Need I say more...

I spotted this while sitting outside a Life is Good store.  Just in case you were wondering which way was up...

On Sunday, we went on a drive through the Appalachian Trail and ending up taking a hike on a trail.  It was really fun other than the fact that I realized how out of shape I really am!  (Plus, I took a tumble on the way back down the mountain.  Not cool. I was lucky not to break anything.  I am still sore and look like a domestic abuse victim, but I am healing nicely now.)  Here are some pics from the hike:

We went on the Grotto Falls trail to go see the falls.

Now we are back in Indiana and getting back into our normal groove.  I am hoping by tonight or tomorrow night to get back to doing some of my metalsmithing fun.
Til later!
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