Saturday, December 12, 2009

Be Fearless

I at last got to see ‘Julie and Julia’. I have to say I think it was a fabulous movie. I took away three messages from this movie:

First – Blogs are therapeutic. I started my blog as a way to display my metalsmithing and market my Etsy shop and eventually 1000 Markets shop. I have tried to make it more than just that – at least I hope I have. My mind is always running with many random thoughts and what better way to shed some of those random thoughts – blogging.

Second – Find something that you love to do. A few years ago I went through a career crisis. I was fortunate that my dear hubby was able to free me from a job that made me desperately unhappy. I now work for my hubby’s consulting firm during the day doing a slew of different roles which is enjoyable (most of the time). I also found time to discover my true love – metalsmithing.

Third – Be fearless. I have to admit that this is something that I struggle with. I tend to be more of a straight line instead of a curvy line. This is very good for what I do for my hubby’s consulting company – reviewing and writing contracts, accounting and payroll….. For my jewelry, I honestly need some curvy line or creativeness to materialize – to be fearless. I will continue to work on this – I will Be Fearless.

For now, Bon Appetit!

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