Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O Silver, Silver! wherefore art thou Silver?

Oh, I how I miss my metal. It has been four days since I have been able to do any metalsmithing.

I have been overwhelmed with our consulting company’s work this week. I remember when I started working for my hubby’s consulting company that both he and his recruiter said that this time of year is usually slow, but I have been doing this for four years and have yet to see this time of year be slow. I have written at least six contracts this week for new contractors and new clients.

I really miss doing my metalsmithing – I may start to show withdrawal symptoms soon. The spiders and critters that live in our garage may try to take over my outside office – as I call my soldering station. I may have to go to war with them upon my return. Of course, they may have learned their lesson last time they tried to take over my outside office when they became little flame balls.

I will return to you soon, my metal. For now this girl must go get her beauty sleep.

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