Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is it possible to catch an e-cold?

I say, sure. My hubby and I work from home for his company, so we spend a ton of time at home. Lately our busy e-schedule has had us house bound most of our day with our person to person interactions being through Skype and GoToMeeting.

My hubby has been working with another developer that has a very bad cold this week through our various e-services. Yesterday, he started sounding extremely congested – like he was coming down with a cold? I thought – how strange. We haven’t really been around anybody the last couple days. I asked him how on earth did he get a cold. He said the developer that he has been working with gave him a Skype cold. Too funny!

By last evening, he was fully engulfed with his Skype cold. He spent most of the night breathing on me- he is a snuggler when he is sick. When I woke up this morning, I felt worn out and achy - like I was coming down with the Skype cold. I hope not, but I will have to wait and see…..

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