Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stuck? Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

All I can say is I feel Flick’s pain.

Last night I sat down to enjoy my bowl of ice cream and a new episode of Nurse Jackie. A normal Monday evening.

My dear hubby walked in to the living room at the point of last night’s episode that revolved around a funny – yet painful point of the show for a man (any man).

To sum it up… a man was mauled by a Great Dane after resuscitating it at a dog show, which somehow caused his testicles to migrate up his body ("like biiiiiirds,").

My dear hubby asked, “Could that really happen?” I said, “I do not know. Maybe we should Google it?” I picked up my laptop and found out that it is indeed possible. OUCH.

Now keep in mind that I have yet to eat my ice cream. My spoon is sticking straight out of a yummy scooped mound of vanilla ice cream (my favorite), so it is still nice and cold (and frozen). I pulled my spoon out of the ice cream to enjoy my first spoonful. I noticed that the spoon is quite frosty – like a frosty mug. No bother. I stick the spoon in my mouth and STUCK, STUCK, STUCK! The spoon was frozen stuck to the inside of my lip and when it finally broke free; I was without some skin – ouch!

I felt like I was in the scene from A Christmas Story. I am calling my ouchie: My Christmas Story Lip. Thank goodness the mouth heals quickly…

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