Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well it has been an adventure once again in the Cooper household.  Last Friday while watching an insanely funny movie, my youngest fur baby, Zeus, was vomiting every thirty minutes.  This caused great concern as unlike a child, you cannot force your cat to keep hydrated when they are vomiting   constantly.

We are lucky that our vet has normal hours from 7am – 10pm.  I called and explained the situation, and they recommended that I bring him in (at least to rehydrate him).   So, off I went with my sick-o.  After taking a handful of x-rays, the vet returned to the exam room with the reason for his current state.

My fur baby was full of sh*t.   He was so blocked up that it was making him vomit.  Zeus was rehydrated and given some anti-nausea medicine.  I was given a prescription laxative and some special prescription can food.  I was instructed to isolate a litter box and my constipated Zeus, give him his laxative and the only food allowed until normal flow was restored was the special food.  I was also told that if flow was not restored by Tuesday – a cat enema would be needed to be done by the vet.

I know that when our cats get their temperature taken at the vet via the backdoor, their eyes look like a cartoon character with that “zoiks” look, so an enema would definitely be a “what the hell are you doing look followed by I’m going to get you back” glares at me.

So, back at home a decision had to be made on what room would be the isolation room.  The master bedroom was chosen, since Zeus loves to snuggle up in bed with me at night, and it is quite roomy.  I normally sleep late on Saturday mornings, and Zeus loves this extra personal snuggle time with me.  Let me just say – this Friday/Saturday sleep arrangement was not as peaceful.  He slept peacefully until around 7a Saturday morning until he realized that the door to the master bedroom was closed, and he could not get out.  At that point, he decided the best solution was to jump up on the bed and run across me and my DH several times (I believe in an attempt to wake us up to let him out).  I also began to hear load meowing from the outside of the master bedroom door from the other cats – like “Let us in!”, “Why is the bedroom door closed?”, “Hey, Open the door!

Since Zeus was climbing the walls by the time I decided to get up on Saturday, I decided that as long as I supervised him while outside the master bedroom that he could roam free during the day.  Unfortunately, he did not give “Pebbles” during Saturday, so he was doomed to another night in the isolation room.

The same pattern of restlessness that plagued Zeus in the isolation room during Friday/Saturday night occurred again during Saturday/Sunday night.  Zeus had some free time outside of the isolation room Sunday morning; however, DH and I went to a family lunch for a couple hours, so he needed to go back in the isolation room while we were out – he was not please.   He was very happy when we returned and was able to be free of the isolation room once again.  So pleased in fact, he gave some “Pebbles”.  I have never been so happy to see my cat poop!   My DH was laughing at me when I did the happy dance after seeing that Zeus had done his business finally.

Flow has slowing been returning to normal over the last couple days for our dear Zeus, and I am happy to report that he will not have to endure an enema.  He is happy as well.

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  1. going to the vet today for a similar issue..
    hope it is resolved as well.


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