Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zeus is Greiving the loss of his Pal

Zeus and Tom were constant companions.  Even though there was a seven year difference between the two, Tom still found the energy even when he was sick with cancer to play with Zeus.

After my shower, I noticed that Zeus was on the bed looking around the perimeter of the bedroom.  I sat down with him on the bed, and he gave me the confused look a couple times after looking around the room like he was wondering where Tom could be....

Tom had a few surgeries and check-ups between January and August of this year where he had to stay overnight at the vet's office for evaluation, monitoring and care; however, he was never gone more than one night.  Since more than one night has passed since we took Tom to the vet, I can see that Zeus is starting to realize that Tom is not coming back.

It probably does not help that he has seen me crying several times over the past couple days.  He always has come to comfort me when I am sad.

Tom will be missed around the homestead.

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