Monday, December 5, 2011

Tidbits and Whatnots...

After struggling with what I thought was fall allergies and a cold for six weeks, (upon strong suggestions from D.H.) I visited my doctor today.  With little delight, I was diagnosed with bronchitis.  Upon doctor's advice, I am to take it easy for a couple days and take some uber large antibiotics.

While resting, I decided that I would blog about my Thanksgiving and mountain cabin vacation from the last two weeks.
Thanksgiving was great.  Both sets of parents were in Tennessee, and we had Golden Corral cook us up a bountiful feast.
D.H. and I decided to take an extra long break, and we rented a chalet in the Smoky Mountains.  I took some pics of our chalet.  Our chalet was called "Cabin Fever".  I sarcastically stated that as long as our skin would not start peeling away due to a flesh eating bacteria - this would be a great escape.

Cabin Fever

View from our Porch

Another View from our Porch

Outdoor Jacuzzi (we were able to use it the first two days at the chalet - it got very cold the rest of the week)

A nice warming fireplace in the chalet

D.H. warming his derriere in a meditation pose

Our garbage thief (Hardee Frisco Burger Boxes)

Love tub

Sam Feet (No Vacation is complete without a foot shot)

Up the Cumberland Cap trail

Further up that trail

Up the trail we go

At the official Cumberland Gap location

Now for some fun.  Things bought during our vacation:

Gas for the Crossover
Beer for Jon & Flavored Water for Sam
Moonshine (Apple Pie) - mmmmm, Apple Pie
Spectacular Cat Teaser from the Cat House
Lip Balm
Super Glue (Bet you cannot guess what this was used for....)

That is all for now.  Have a great holiday season!

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